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I meet so many parents through chess that have lived what many of you have in that it has taken them years and so many scenarios to find a tolerable solution for their child's education. They are always commenting on how great it is that I am keyed into these concerns while my son is still so young and how they wished they had known more and would have done things sooner/differently. That is the gift of this forum for many of us with younger kids.

FWIW, Zia's Mom, DS and I would trade places with you and your DS in an instant. Accomidated from age 4, with Gifted Issues Discussion board beats unaccomidated until age 10 with YSP every time. I could get jealous of Dottie, but she had two to learn from first.

DS was doing some "Other Directed Perfectionism" last night on my handling of his early years, when we actually discouraged his academic growth for fear of 'infecting him' with our 'weirdness,' and 'ruining the school experience' for him. I did try to explain that 'everything happens for a reason, and it's our job to make do with what he have, and I am so much more grateful for what we have than dissapointed over the 6ml missing from the glass.

I'm not a big fan of being blamed, but at least I know that I'm doing my pennance HERE, but standing on the hidden rocks and waving my flashlights wildly! I know that I can't go back for my own son, but I feel much, much, better that I can light the way for you and yours!

Love and More Love,

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