I totally missed the Sophia/Wisdom thing! Doh! Gifted, schmifted! LOL!

And I hope I didn't offend anyone with my decidedly Christian analogy. I'm not religious, but I'm a recovering English major with a philosophy & religion double-minor. You can't use the name Trinity and not have my mind go all "Father, Son & Holy Spirit" eventually! smile But I realized even as I wrote it that I was potentially opening a can of worms. Sometimes I'm too "clever" (sarcasm) for my own good... I offer my sincere apologies if I've been insensitive to anyone's feelings or beliefs.

I do like the idea of the three of you as "the big three" though! It makes me smile!

And really, if I didn't uncheck the "edited" box, nearly every post I make would have that note. It would be embarrassing. And that doesn't even tell you how much I edit BEFORE I click "submit"! Call it a grad school habit, I guess...or maybe a perfectionist habit! When I talk, stuff sort of tumbles out and I repeat myself a lot. When I write, I try to keep these annoyances to a minimum.

As for online security: I don't worry too much about giving out my first name online. But never my kids' names and never our last names or specific location. But I think most people are pretty much what they seem online, especially on a site like this one. You'd have to be a pretty patient predator to get any useful identifying info here...

My own OT soapbox: Frankly, I think people are much too paranoid these days, generally speaking. Child abusers tend to abuse their own children or kids they have easy access to (baseball coach/players, piano teacher/students, uncle/nieces & nephews, etc.), not random people's children from far away. (Especially if the kids themselves are not e-mailing the predator!) It's just too easy to make kids and too hard to steal someone else's! Nowadays we know about every Amber Alert from Maine to Hawaii, so we feel that our kids are under constant assault. The reality is that if your kids are going to be taken or assaulted, it's probably going to be a relative or close friend who does it. The VAST majority of the kids on the side of the milk carton were taken by their non-custodial parent in a custody battle. I think people waste a lot of time fearing strangers for no good reason. I think it is far more risky to keep kids constantly in your sight and teach them that all strangers are out to get them. Overprotected, fearful kids are not happy, healthy kids, and they become neurotic, unhappy adults.

Stepping down... blush

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