Oh, and Lorel:

I think it's less about how long you've been here than it is about how much "sophia" you have to share with us. Some of us mostly ask questions, others mostly answer them. The big three of answers are pretty clearly Trinity, Dottie and you.

That's not to say that others' contributions, suggestions and answers are less valuable or whatever. Not at all! I've personally gotten a lot of help here from a wide variety of people. But if the three of you took a powder from the site, we'd all suffer. I think that's pretty clear.

Uhura was one of my favorite Star Trek characters, right after Spock. And Scottie...I've always had a soft spot for engineers, since my dad, best friend through school and now my DH are all engineers... I wanted Uhura's skirts to be a bit longer than they were since she had to sit in them. But I always really liked her! wink

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