Well Questions, my three YS kids are all diagnosed 2e. Despite their challenges, they all had the appropriate scores needed to get into the program. I don't think it will violate any confidentiality agreement to say that I am quite sure there are also other 2e kids in the YS program.

But I do sympathize with families whose 2e kids are clearly way "out there" intellectually, yet have not been able to break past that minimum threshold. I am friendly with some of these people, and I see them struggle; their children could benefit so much from the YSP. In some cases, one PG kid without any disability is not enrolled because the 2e sibling would not make the cutoff. It's a tough situation. But I also understand that Davidson has to draw the line somewhere, and they are offering all these amazing services for FREE!

My two cents: If you have test scores that are borderline, but milestones and work examples that shout PG, apply via the portfolio option, with any and all disabilities clearly noted.

good luck!