Hi, Everyone,

I haven't had time to respond to all of your wonderful, personal, supportive posts, but thank you, thank you, thank you. When I can, I will. But in a nutshell, I can say that a big problem with my son and school was the school itself - no understanding (or belief, for that matter) of sensory issues, no accommodations with respect to fine motor issues, and no acknowledgement of his mental abilities because he just wasn't reading or writing like the other kids. (And we spent two or three years in Trinity's "f" - wish I could take it all back. As he said the other day, "I can't believe I wasted my childhood in a school I hated." - And those are the types of comments I used to get in trouble for at school. They'd say "no 3/4/5/6 yr. old child speaks like that. You've got to stop poisoning his attitude about school. Tell him it's fun."!!!!) And he's not Asberger's or NVLD, although I think that's what his teacher was thinking because he used such big words and wasn't like the other kids. His pediatrician's response: GET HIM OUT OF THERE! And he was right. Talk about learning a hard lesson...

Best to all,

(and no, I did not get the reference. Even after I googled it, I did not recognize "Q". Now, if you were alluding to Q in James Bond movies, I'd know. Used to love all those gadgets as a kid.)