Sophia is NOT my real name! I urge everyone (except Lorel) to protect their children's anonymity here online.

5 points to anyone who got the joke "Sophia=Wisdom"

But I thought that signing my posts Wisdom was even worse than signing in "Trinity" ((gulp))

Too funny about unchecking the edit box! I do that once in a while too! Oh Vanity! Maybe I should change my name again.

Seriously, I love my screen name. It's after the Character in my favorite movie, "The Matrix" who brought her friend back to life with a determined kiss, something many of us have had to do for our own children. I do appologise to the folks who are uncomfortable with the religious connitations. I did dabble in Feminist Spirtuality as a College Student, so for me, at this moment, "The Trinity" is the Maiden,The Mother, and The Chrone. Again, appologies.

Smiles and Giggles and Love and More Love,

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