Hi questions,
Welcome! Not all the YSP kids are accelerated, and my son is only accelerated by a single year, and that was just last year. He has made it quite clear that this is "just right" for him! Some of the kids are academic superstars and some are problem children and some are just nice normal appearing kids, particular from an adult view-point, if you don't have much experience with what normal children are truly like. Some kids go out of their way to fool their teachers and fit in, with elaberate stratagies for calibrating just how well then can do to get good grades and still fit in.

I would say that the number one concern of all the parents that I have talked to is about raising a decent human being. Profoundly gifted children have certian advantages and certian disadvantages on this path, and I've found it really helps to know what the other parents have discovered.

One of our jobs is to help our children understand themselves. Being around other parents of kids who scored similarly has really helped me know my child better, and be a better mirror for him to know himself. I don't see how I would have gotten that without the YSP.


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