We have 3 families with similar aged boys at the hour away mark, that we've gotten to know through YSP. My son "hit it off" with one a pair of brothers, and it's been amazing for me to see him interact with them in a totally different way than he interacts with me, or his cousins, or his other fiends.

The "Density" varies by area. But we have also learned about certain local events, such as MIT Splash, Beyond IQ Conference, and the Talent Search activities through YSP parents. Meeting Dottie and her son in real life has been so important, because as you know, my son's "adaptive" behaviors in the past have had us all wondering "what's wrong with him?" Dottie can vouch that he spends long hours at a time acting like a delightful young young man. When we were first in the YSP, I was desperate enough to drive to gatherings 6 hours away, just for my son to breath the same air as other YS kids. I am happy to report that I am much less desperate now, and have even turned down 3 hour trips.


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