And Kriston - as to online predators, well, I can say that last night DS was talking about his online team at his favorite online game.

"I made a pledge to use only correct english words with proper spelling for 24 hours."
Oh, did someone dare you?
"No I made it up myself."
I'm suprised, I thought your spelling was pretty good. It must be hard to mouse click and type at the same time.
"It sure is!"
They other players are probably much older. I've heard that the average age is 34. Do they know you are 11?
"Oh no. I only tell my state. Did you know that some of my Team Members are from Alaska?"
DH - Oh sure they are from Alaska! They are probably just from down the block.
"Yes, two are from Alaska, and one is an English Major in College, and one has been in jail the last 4 months, so he hasn't been able to participate much."

Well, Kriston, I read "Protecting the Gift" and usually take your position, but my heart definitly skipped a beat here.

((Prayers)) O brave new world, That has such people in't! � The Tempest, Act V, sc. i.


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