Zia's Mom, I'm so sorry you didn't get the news you were looking for today. Your son sounds incredible - I can't believe he's in first grade at 4! (That is what I read, isn't it?) I can't imagine his next test wouldn't place him where he needs to be, and quite frankly, he sounds years ahead of my very own DS (who I absolutely have to admit, was a beautiful baby, too!)

And bianc850a, a huge congratulations to you. Seemed to me you knew it was coming, and I imagine your DD must have some great scores to go with her academic success. All the best to you both. I'm sure it's a relief.

As for DS, just to show the full range of possible responses, we're one of the need more info recipients, and quite frankly, I'm not at all surprised. As I lamented earlier in this thread (at least I think it was this thread), how do I prove comprehension other than by anecdotes and recommendations? Well, the answer turns out to be by hard objective evidence. So on to part two of the application process.

Now I believe I started this thread with my first visit to this board. So let me thank all of you who have helped me learn about the YSP program and issues related to gifted children. I have to say that I read about what all of you have done with your children and how you stood up for them from the start, recognized their intelligence, and made school decisions with awe and jealousy. I wish I had known then what I know now, and I admire you for your knowledge and conviction. Thank you.

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