Hi Lorel,

My daughter Attends The Mirman School in Los Angeles, CA. So far the experience has been great. No social issues as all the kids are intellectual peers. This was my daughter's first school experience as she refused to attend pre-K and K. She had a wonderful first grade teacher and now adores her 2nd grade teacher. She is moved up for Math. Classes are small. The kids get specialists in art, music, languages, science and drama. Sarah also works with John Hopkins University for math during summer. That has also worked nicely.

I have a small issue with the school not having a math specialist and although they are working hard on diversity they still have a long way to go, but overall it has been great.

Has anyone used the mentor program with the YSP? This is the aspect of the program that interests me the most as my daughter is interested in science and math and I would like to find a good role model/mentor to keep fostering that aspect of my daughter's education/interests.

Looking forward to getting to know all of you better.