Actually, the Norse were pretty darn progressive in the areas of women's rights. That's one of the reasons this topic/character appealed so strongly to me. The Icelandic Norse in particular were really ahead of their time in a surprising number of ways given the way most people think of them these days.

Women could divorce their not-so-DHs for a fairly extensive list of reasons (including abuse). Women could own and/or inherit property. Women were completely in charge of the farms when the men went abroad for pillaging, war, exploration, or banishment (the typical way to deal with crimes and feuds), and were mostly in charge of the farms when they were aroud. The women were the "keyholders" for the household, which meant they were in charge of the resources for the farms. In a time when there was a deadly famine every 20 years, preserving and then doling out the food was perhaps the most important job there was!

I could go on and on, so I'll stop. I always warn people not to ask me about my book unless they really want to know because I'll tell them! But Norse history is absolutely fascinating. Surprisingly modern in many ways, but with a twist of violence and desperation, too. Hopefully it will make for a good read!

From my fingers to some willing publisher's ears... smile