I just posted there! DS6 loves mythology!

Thanks for your interest in the book. I wasn't advertising or anything. It's not done yet, so I have nothing to sell. wink But I do have a draft that I'm revising whenever life and home schooling don't get in the way. (Which means not very often this year!)

It's an historical novel from the POV of Eirik the Red's wife, Thjodhild (or the best I can spell that without Norse symbols...). I got interested in her, but found that while we have loads of more-or-less historically accurate tales about her family--DH, DSs, even a DD!--we know almost nothing about her. Just her parentage, her birthplace...and that she refused to sleep with her DH until he converted to Christianity...so he built her a church!

When I heard that story, I had to find out more. What an amazing woman, right?

When my research turned up no historical info or further sagas including her, I looked for fiction about her. I didn't even find any of that, though many people have written about her daughter-in-law. I realized that if I wanted to know more about her, I was going to have to be the one to write the book.

So here I am, the last person I'd have expected to write a book--writing a book! A series, in fact, spanning 3 generations and three lands! (Maybe 4, if I do a prequel about Eirik in Norway before he left for Iceland...) I'm hoping to publish, but I really feel like even if no one publishes it, I've got to keep writing. I finally found my passion. Now if only I had time to pursue it!

Editing is much less fun than writing. That's part of my problem!

Anyway, thanks for your interest. It's nice to get to talk about a true love. smile