Kriston -
I think you should be proud to edit your posts. The main point is to get our ideas across to each other, and I am sure that editing help this. So I say thank you for taking the pains to be as clear and understandible as possible. You are going to want to role model for your children that some big efforts are worth making, and then patting oneself on the back over.

As for me, well, I use the spell and grammar checker when it's availible, but I decided here a while back that the dissonance between that Wisdom of my words and the total lack of spelling awareness might be a wonderful growing lesson for someone, somewhere out there. To me it's all about how easy it is for us to disregard our intelligence, any little flaw will send us off in circles of "i must not be so smart afterall." This isn't really useful, and keeping my folk spelling intact here has really helped me be less perturbable.


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