I thought as homeschoolers we were reasonably well off without the YS program, but I eventually applied with the hope that I'd have some help with mapping out a plan for my unique children. Five years later, I am SO incredibly grateful to the Davidsons and their wonderful staff. I can see what a huge hole it would leave in my family's world if the program dissolved. The parent to parent contact is more amazing and helpful than I ever would have believed. The professional seminars are informative, the staff will do their best to answer off the wall questions and help with advocacy.

Most of all though, my kids now know what it is to be with true peers. I grew up feeling like a stranger in a strange land, and lonely as hell in the middle of a crowd. Nobody seemed to know the real me. I am thrilled that my kids have access to other "aliens" and will not have to journey through childhood trying to fit in and feeling like pretenders. They know that they are not alone after all.

Sorry to get so sentimental. If your child has the test scores, I encourage you to apply!

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