As I struggle with the YSP application and read more about gifted issues (including the book Genius Denied, and postings on various websites by parents with YSP children), it appears to me that Davidson may be most concerned with children who are years ahead of their peers in their academics, rather than those who have not yet maxed out or even reached their potential (and I understand this, as those are the children who otherwise may have nowhere to go). I was wondering what other criteria they consider, particularly with respect to a 2E child (after all, they say in capital letters that the test scores are the MINIMUM CRITERIA). And assuming he is not accepted, do they help refer unsuccessful applicants to local resources? We are still trying to figure out the appropriate school situation, and the gifted part of the equation has not been and is not being addressed at all (until now, and by me, that is.)

And of course, no matter what, we are applying - the ultimate reward is well worth the application. Just a bit intimidated by the accomplishments of all the children I've read about on this board and others, whether YSP or not.