I am glad to have found the forum! I find the advocacy advice invaluable and the general knowledge and the ability to compare to other similar kids is so important. I am always telling my husband about something I read here.

And to Dottie's comment about "coming out", it is easy since I know my son is PG. He is a high 4, low 5 on Ruf's scale and having the right numbers on the test for Davidson doesn't change that.

I must admit though that it definitely smarts getting that rejection letter. It is human nature to wonder if we are imagining his extraordinary intelligence like we also thought he was the cutest baby in the world. Looking back on the pictures now, we know we were so biased!! He wasn't really that cute as a newborn.

So, I will take just a moment here to brag about my son, since this is the only place I can do this without fear of criticism. And like the Ben and Jerry's I am getting ready to eat, it will make me feel so much better. Even if nobody reads it.

Yesterday my adorable 5 year old played in a local chess tournament. He has been called a prodigy by most of the "experts" he encounters in chess, having played in tournaments since he was 4. He asked if for this particular tournament he could pick the division he would play in. He said he wanted really tough competition so he decided to play in the K-8 division, which would be made up of 6-8 graders. He is only Pre-K.
He won all 5 of his games and took the 1st place trophy, much to the disappointment of his opponents who did not like losing to the 5 year old. He then came home and composed and sent a few emails, telling family of his accomplishments, and then finished the night off with a few more chapters of Tom Sawyer. Best of all though, he woke up this morning and cuddled in bed with me for thirty minutes. How great is it that he can have the mind of someone almost twice his age but emotionally he can still be my little baby.
Okay, time to eat the ice cream out of the container.