Hi Questions,
I also wanted to point out that sometimes our perspectives can be pretty skewed about how "out-there" our own kids can be. Much of my time as a parent is spent reminding DS to pick up his coat off the floor, chew with his mouth closed, and brush his teeth. These are not especially interesting or remarkable conversations. And when he is "being smart" then he us just behaving like I want him to--I enjoy it, but because it's just us having a conversation I don't think much of it.

In fact by the end of each summer, I've pretty much decided DS isn't gifed any more, and then a couple weeks in to school I run into one of his teachers and their jaws are on the floor, they are so amazed with his abilities.

So I guess I'm saying that I don't trust myself to have a clear perspective on what is "years ahead." And if you have a 2E kid, it might be even harder to "know" exactly how far ahead a kid is--but kids don't get scores over 145 on two tests (even it it's "just" subtests) just by sheer luck!