Hi Christine,

This is my daughter's second year at Mirman. She is absolutely happy there. We tried the public schools for K and it lasted approximately one week and then she refused to go. When I picked up my DD from Mirman on her first day there, I swear she was almost flying with happiness. She truly has found a place where she is valued and she belongs.

We also applied to SEEDS UES (The UCLA elementary school) and PEGASUS (Newport Beach). Academically, I don't believe UES would have been able to meet my dd needs. I have a friend who has a daughter at PEGASUS and she also loves it.

I really cannot say anything bad about Mirman as it has been a great match for us. The school is very small (which my dd loves), their art, music, drama and science departments are great.

All that said, Mirman is highly structured and academically rigorous. A lot is expected from the children, but the teachers are great at giving them the tools they need. The room one teachers are specially great. The pace is faster and the material shown in more depth than it would be in a regular classroom. One of my favorite things is that room one kids are paired with a room four child (buddy system). The room four children come to the room one children's classroom once a week and read to them or show them how to make things, answer questions and just plain become a "buddy" to the younger children. The upper school kids have a similar program with the room four children.

My daughter knows she is HG, but the great thing about attending Mirman is that she doesn't have to hide it or apologize for it. She is free to be herself. She is challenged by both the teachers and her peers. It is amazing to me that with all those HG children around the level of competiveness amongst the students is actually really low. The kids cheer each other up and are very loving and caring towards each other. Last year when my dd was in room one, I was picking her up from one of her after school classes and found her playing ball in the play yard with a child who was in 4th grade and one that was in upper school (7th grade). All three of them were just three kids having fun. The age difference didn't seem to bother any of them.

The only complaint I had so far was with my dd math work. My daughter is EG in math. Since room one, she has been going up one grade in math. However, even there she wasn't being challenged. The school wasn't very receptive about moving her up another grade. However, after a few meetings they have agreed to an IEP for her in math and the upper school math teacher is helping her with more challenging work.

There is another family that started Mirman this year from Long Beach. It is a long drive!!

Good luck with your application. I know what you mean about how difficult it is to choose the right school. I am just happy I don't have to worry about it until high school!!!