Wow great thread, just made my xmas shopping a matter of copy and paste into amazon smile

I am way late on this but I have experience with one of the games feedback was requested on so here goes. We purchased Meta-Forms for DS then 5 last xmas, I would say it has been a hit, definitely something that offers a challenge for the entire family but it is single player

You have three shapes in three colors and you have to place them on the board in a way that conforms to the rules listed for each of the 80 puzzles. So for example they will say a blue triangle has to go next to a yellow square but not below a red square. As the game advances your asked to place a blue shape next to a square not below a yellow shape, that type of thing

Happy Holidays

PS. I would also recommend Castle Logix/Royal Rescue for younger kids (3+), my son loved both of these (single player).

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