I had to read the whole list before I could add, lol! Great games and ideas here!

I spent almost every Tuesday last year playing games with my DD's second grade class. It was really enlightening, challenging and sometimes a little sad (when kids told me they had a game but no one ever played it with them :() Plus with the different levels in the class (the entire spectrum) it was interesting to watch their takes on the same game...

Some that we played were
Headbandz-this is great for critical thinking and the yes/no rule helps them focus)
Pictureka-(card deck) there are actually 4 ways to play this, again, lots of out of the box thinking, rationalizing and persuading others)
Ratuki-another card game...cards have numbers one through 5 represented in different ways (a drawing of a hand holding up 2 finger, roman numerals, etc). You can increase the difficulty by having more piles going...players place cards one up or down from the number shown as fast as they can and when the "5" comes up, the first player to yell "ratuki!" gets the pile. This is very fast paced and can get a bit out of control, but it's great to blow off steam and teach them about different ways of seeing the same thing
Candyland-ok seriously, I could not believe these kids were in 2nd grade and some had never played Candyland. But even a simple game like that teaches about sharing, taking turns etc and it can be great for an older child to occupy a younger with.
Connect 4-huge favorite in our house and the classroom. Turns out of the kids with speech and reading issues was AWESOME at this game and he felt really good playing and winning.
Guess Who?-again yes/no questions, hones observation and comparison skills, grouping...I have even played this with other adults and we make up our own creative questions (does you person look like a spy?) lol!

DH is teaching both girls 8 and 4.5 to play dominoes and chess. DD4.5 just likes to "help" Poppa with chess but DD8 is really starting to get it

DD8 is also really into her nintendo DS now...she has Big Brain Academy (all ages, even adults) and Super Scribblenauts (also fun for adults). We even purchased the companion guide for Scibblenauts. For the regular computer, she is working through "3rd grade Adventures" and really loving it, but I already put the next one in my cart because she's blowing through it.

We have Simon and Sudoku on my tablet and our phones...I'd like to hear some more apps/downloadable games on the Android platform? tia!

I get excited when the library lets me know my books are ready for pickup...