Yes, we are also fans of Blokus, Blokus Duo and Blokus Trigon, although we never got into Trigon as much as the others. I love the other new suggestions... DS5 would probably love Stratego now.

I noticed last night that there seem to be a slew of new logic solitaire games out lately, and some of them look pretty neat. I'll post links later (on my phone at present).

Anyone besides us like Bandu / Bausack?

ETA: Here are some of the games I noticed only recently, none of which I've tried, all of which you can probably find on websites other than Amazon as well. Anyone try any of these?

Air Traffic Control Tower
Architecto - Equilibrio - Tangramino - Cliko[/b] (link is to the easiest / first one, Architecto)
[b]Crazy Campers
Fire Escape
Hedgehog Escape
HooDoo Loop
Maze Ways Cat and Mouse
North Pole Camouflage
Pirates Undercover
Police Blockade
Sink or Swim

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