I haven't read the whole list but my son loves the card game MadLibs. You deal each player a hand and the players have to make sentences out of the cards (nouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs). You can do various rounds like first round 2 sentences, one 4 words and one 6 words, then 5 and 5, and so forth. Or you can just play until someone has a sentence. We end up with sentences like "Crazy, sweaty grandmothers quickly, contentedly, sweetly devoured hot, red tubesocks". The only requirement is that the sentence be grammatically correct, but you can fudge that when they are younger. Mine has been playing it since he was about 6.

He also loves Pentago, Stratego, Risk, and "We, the People", which is very tedious and the rules are endless. His all time favorite is Monopoly, which he used to play at age 5, being two players and the banker and he'd sit for two hours and play by himself. All variations of Monopoly he likes - Monopoly Deal (card game) and Monopoly Express (very short version). UDeal Mondopoly was not so great, though. He's always liked a card game called States Rummy (I think) - you have to get 5 contiguous states and it's played like gin rummy. He also likes Canasta and Chickenfoot.

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