Games! Except I feel guilty getting more games because I don't think we play the ones we have enough. DS8 loves Risk, Clue, Mastermind, blokus, Othello, and I just pulled out my old game of Triominoes which was fun (DD5 liked it better). For computer games he loves Civilization, Spore, and Rome. He also loves Washington's War, which is a complex behemoth. My DH plays dungeonmaster every 2-3 weeks for him and 3 friends to play D&D, but if someone (NanRos?) can suggest a less complicated D&D like table top card/board game that would be awesome - I will def. check out the Crazy Machines game. I'd also love to find a RP type game for my DD5 - there used to be a fairy/elf type one out there but I haven't found it lately.

My DD5 is just now getting bored with Gobblet, but liked it alot for a couple months (like regular tic-tac-toe, it gets repetitive eventually). She absolutely adores Uno, probably because she wins a lot and can beat her older brother. She also likes other card games. For practicing math facts I really recommend Shut the Box - you can make up variations for the different operations. She doesn't do too much on the computer, but I highly recommend World of Goo - which is kind of too odd to describe, but involves building and physics and problemsolving and is tons of fun - I like it too (and has been age appropriate so far - we haven't worked the entire game yet).

I'd love recommendations for age appropriate computer games that might be of interest to DD5. My kids get 30 minutes of screen time a day and i would prefer she use the time on the computer as opposed to watching tv, but that hasn't really happened yet.

Great thread.