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Munchkin does not look like it will go over well with my 8yo, who is very peaceloving and hates anything with violence, soooo....

Mine is afraid of movies, loud noises, we couldn't get through the first chapter of Harry potter - but DS loves evil villains and their supplies. His favorite things are security systems - we draw crazy systems with lasers, thumb prints, ejecter things. So I wouldn't say munchkin is violent in a HP kind of way, but it's a funny violence and you just collect it and read it, you are oddly not harming anyone, but having more points then they do. But my DS gets hysterics over having a phaser, xrayser, daser, maser, laser - because anything ending in aser is additive!!! But you aren't shooting anyone exactly. Just implied smile. I would then break out the forbidden island, and the ones like it. It's a great game.


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