My kids are total game hounds and I need to buy some more.

Looking for some more recs for good ones that we can all play together (DD 8, DS 4, and parents). DS can read at about a second grade level (real second grade, not like what our kids read when in second grade!) but can't really write or draw reliably yet. He can do basic addition/subtraction but nothing past facts to 10, really. He plays chess about like an average 6yo would, if that gives you an idea, and has patience to sit and play a game for about an hour. He is okay with losing most of the time but obviously it's better to get games with a luck elelment so he doesn't always get trounced.

Games we already have and like that he can play include:

Sleeping Queens (some of the math is lost on him but it works anyway)
Rat a Tat Cat
Connect 4
Spot It
Rummikub (card version)
Pictureka (card version)
Cranium Cadoo (marginal due to drawing questions)
Quelf Jr.

Considering buying:

I recently bought Forbidden Island, a cooperative game, but am saving it for a literal rainy day.

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