We're so mainstream. We currently like go fish, connect four, operation without batteries, and partial monopoly (his favorite, but we've yet to finish a game), two player clue modified that I let him lay down his room cards in the rooms so he can see which one's are guessable, the weapons and people he puts the figurines from his cards to one side so he knows which one's he can't accuse. To keep myself from cheating I make my accusations systematically since I know which cards he has. He has enough attention span to finish a clue game, but not monopoly.
I want to start him on assisted battleship and no stress chess after Christmas. Ds likes jumpstart world online, a 3-d subscription virtual world for kids. I'm looking for more video games like jumpstart that are more advanced than point and click. I'm considering mega man or donkey kong for the pc.

Glad you started this thread. I wanted to ask about Zoombinis logical journey pc video game. Anyone played it? (even though it's point an click)

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