Sorry it took me so long to respond - I took the weekend "off" to try and clear my head a bit. Every time I start to second guess my decision to push the school for more accommodations, DD is right there to prove to me why it is necessary. This weekend I was ordering groceries and gave her a math problem: If 6 boxes of tea cost $30, how much is one box of tea. She quickly came back with the correct answer and then proceeded to spend the next hour teaching herself division, multiplication, and algebra. But, here we are in school doing subtraction smh! I wish I had more time to work with her at home, but school takes up so much of her day--and then there's homework, dinner, and bedtime. Most of her enrichment happens over the summer when I give her some above grade level workbooks to do a few pages in each day. She already reads extensively for pleasure, so this year we're focusing on math.
coffee- your post gives me hope! at least I know I'm not crazy for asking for more math! Out of curiosity, do you know what enrichment test she took? Since DD is preparing for an onslaught of tests to remedy her PLEP section, I have been looking into the various options.
I'll be sure to keep you all updated as I hear from the school about our next steps. I've been talking with another GT mama and am considering organizing a parent group for our second-grade kiddos. We can all advocate better together and these are her GT peers, so they will likely be with her straight through AP Chem in high school lol.
Thanks again everyone!