Thank you so much for your compliments. Man is it hard lol! I just received the new GIEP yesterday. It's not great. There is still so much work to be done. Without saying it out loud the district has really dug its heels in on properly subject accelerating dd in reading and has no mention of a math goal at all. The document takes a small step toward being more specific but ultimately misses the mark. I am currently cobbling together my written response and it looks like we're in for another meeting. This one makes me even more nervous than the last - though, when I'm honest, I'm not really sure what I am nervous about. Every time I receive a new GIEP I go back to advocacy binder and compare and contrast, do some more research and come out even more confident than I was the first time that I am not being unreasonable. It is a long road, but I'm glad I have to you all to travel with me.
indigo - I have noticed this sort of behavior already when they point to DD's one missed math question as a reason she's not exceeding despite her 93%ile scores on the KTEA - I agree she is not in a position to grade skip, but teaching her multiplication won't preclude her learning addition...
I recently requested a copy of her educational record and the guidance counselor informed me that I already had copies of everything. I asked for the full report from her tests and they said the tests themselves were copyrighted, so the scores I have are all there is to give - this doesn't feel right to me, as I have seen sample reports online that are many pages long and have great detail - the only information I have is scale-composite score-percentile rank- qualitative description alongside a 2 paragraph explanation of how she performed during the testing (was she nervous, did she make any comments on the material). During our meeting, the school psychologist was able to look up grade equivalencies so I know that information is at least available.
Looks like I need to send some more emails.