I'll admit that being a newbie parent I didn't do all my homework for her Kindergarten or first-grade GIEPs, but I learned from my mistake and have assembled my obligatory advocacy binder. I combed through 3 years worth of emails with the school, state law, district websites, printed, highlighted, post-it-noted and I am still scrambling to keep on top of it. But it is amazing how much calmer I feel having all those documents at my fingertips instead of floating around in my brain somewhere. From what I have read so far, there seem to be very definite timelines associated with a due-process-hearing, but nothing I found about the NORA or if we have to proceed right away to mediation. I'm just occupying my time with printing and highlighting until I hear from the school.

mckinley - I didn't mean to sound dismissive - but DD entered kindergarten as a strong reader and speaker and was slow to acquire her writing skills because she was never the type to color or write before school started, so I am inclined to think it is mostly her exposure. If anyone has any writing resources or activities - maybe this summer I can get her to start journaling or something to help her out.