Side note: I am having two problems with our requested accommodations - someone please tell me if my thinking is rational!
1. Reading DD is reading WELL above grade level (she's in 2nd and at home is comfortably reading at a 6th grade level for enjoyment - practically it may be even higher). However, she is simply meeting expectations in 2nd-grade writing. When asked about this she often says she gets tired, her hand hurts, and the assignments are boring. The school has been holding down her reading by citing her "written comprehension" I have been arguing that they need to separate those skills - accelerate her in reading and give her oral comp tests while continuing to work through 2nd-grade writing skills.

2. Math: DD is meeting expectations in math, but is bored silly. I strongly believe she needs some diversification in the curriculum. The entire year has been spent on addition and subtraction fluency and word problems - I feel like her fluency here is acting as a gatekeeper to "more fun" math topics that she could easily do alongside the current offering (fractions, geometry, charts/graphs, even beginner multiplication). She can't possibly score well on material she has never had access to so I know she won't test out of the current grade level, but with even the tiniest bit of instruction, I think she'd be more than capable.

Aside from a meaningful PLEP section and measurable goals (as if that weren't enough) those are the two big battles for this year - acceleration in reading and some sort of enrichment/compacting/continuous progress in math.