MEETING UPDATE: Sorry, it took so long for me to update you - it was a crazy weekend and we are still trying to process.
The short version: the meetings was.....fine?
The long version: The PLEP section looks slightly better. They included a KTEA and full DRA level as well as the CBA's from this year. There is still a bit of a gap when it comes to above-level testing, but since I plan on asking for her to be accelerated in reading I imagine they will figure that out on their own.
I was super-proud of myself for standing my ground (and I didn't cry!), the gifted teacher got pretty upset and asked that I "trust the school" at which point I told her that "was not my job". So there's that.....
The rest of the GIEP was still wholly unacceptable as they had gotten the impression that the PLEP was my only concern since that was the complaint I listed when I signed the NORA. I explained that there was no point in a conversation about anything until the PLEP was fixed, so the bulk of our meeting consisted of us debating appropriate goals and accommodations.
The takeaway from the meeting was that the team would rewrite the GIEP with specificity and send it to me for review, I would submit one round of comments and then we would meet again. The biggest victory was the district has agreed to mover her annual meeting to October so that we are better able to have meaningful discussions as we move forward.
With each meeting, I get a little bit more nervous that I am overstaying my welcome. There is still a lot to be discussed and I fear that they will grow weary of my never-ending dissatisfaction, but we started so far from where we needed to be! The one thing I have in my favor is that at this meeting I gave them an outline of my current concerns, this way they won't be surprised when they come up again and again.
I'll let you know how things progress.
I really appreciate all the help (and hand holding). I wouldn't have made it this far without you!