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Most of her enrichment happens over the summer...
If I recall correctly, research has revealed that during the school year, gifted kids may experience slower academic growth than average kids... during the summer gifted kids learn more rapidly. These articles may be of interest:

High-Achieving and Average Studentsí Reading Growth: Contrasting School and Summer Trajectories
Karen Rambo-Hernandez & D. Betsy McCoach
The Journal of Educational Research
Aug 8, 2014

Trends in reading growth between gifted and nongifted students: An individual growth model analysis
Tutwiler, M. S., McCoach, D. B., Hamilton, R., & Siegle, D.
(April, 2017)
Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Antonio, TX.

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I'll be sure to keep you all updated as I hear from the school about our next steps.
Keep in mind puffin's sage advice... the school may not fully meet your child's needs... then parents must redouble efforts to provide opportunities for appropriate academic/intellectual challenge and growth. It is not easy, but you are among good company, you are not alone.

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I've been talking with another GT mama and am considering organizing a parent group for our second-grade kiddos. We can all advocate better together and these are her GT peers, so they will likely be with her straight through AP Chem in high school lol.
Great when this works... bear in mind that there are levels of gifted, differing interests among gifted children, and differing parental viewpoints (including various degrees of hothousing, pushy, competitive, laissez-faire, free-range parenting styles).

Stay flexible & resilient. Maintain a sense of humor. These are great things to role model for your child. smile