Aufilia - THANK YOU! You have no idea how much I needed to hear those words this morning! When I left the meeting they said they would look into further testing, so I'm expecting an email about that sometime soon. I will look into the STAR tests at Sylvan, though I am hoping the school will do their part since money is tight. She took the WISC-IV to gain entrance to the program (2 years ago) but was only administered enough tests to generate a GAI score (not a FSIQ). She hit the ceiling on one of the four tests, so we know that her IQ would be "greater than 134" which was the calculated GAI. How much higher I am unsure, but the administrator did hint that she believed DD's greatest strengths lie in some of the subtests that were not delivered. Like I said above, I don't think we're looking at a 13-year-old with early admission to Harvard here, but subject acceleration in reading and some compacting in math seem reasonable to me. Especially now that the luster of school has worn off (Kindergarten was only half day and her first school experience, first grade was a full day, but now in second grade she's getting bored). I don't want the mundane to crush her thirst for knowledge and I want her to learn how to be challenged.
Do you know what the procedure is when you sign the "I do not approve" on the NORA? I have no idea what to expect next.