You are NOT crazy! GOOD FOR YOU for standing your ground and asking for what should be very, very reasonable things. You should be proud of yourself. It is so incredibly hard to face down a team of people who both believe they are experts and believe they are absolutely right and tell them they are wrong.

If they will not do above grade level evaluations, it might be worth some money to haev them done independenty. The trick IME is finding evalations that "speak their language" so to speak. They typically don't IME care about tests like the WIAT, but a test like the ITBS (often given for gifted program entrance), SCAT from Johns Hopkins CTY program, or a STAR assessment if your district uses them, might be the sort of data they would understand. (You may be able to get a private STAR test from at utoring center; when I was advocating for DS to skip kindergarten, I was able to pay for him to take the STAR at a Sylvan Learning Center).

FWIW if you haven't gotten an IQ test you might find it worth while for YOURSELF. Our schools have never cared one bit about IQ, but it's helped ME remain firm in my convictions to have in hand solid test results done by an outside party.