Hello All -
I know it has been a while since my last post when DD was first tested she was in Kindergarten and now she is nearing the end of second grade. I feel like I am no further in working with the school on her GIEP and we are up for our review next week, so I came here for a pep talk/some answers. In Kindergarten we were given a pretty vanilla boilerplate GIEP and each year it has remained nearly identical to the year before.
I have learned that the school generally views this annual meeting as cursory - just a quick chat, sign the papers, and off we go - so with that being the case I like to have some idea before we meet about what my goals for the meeting will be.
I am always pressing the team for more specifics, measureable sdis, timelines etc...
So my first question: How often should the PLEP be updated and using what type of measurement? In Kindergarten I was able to get a more robust PLEP section, but last year they mainly used the teachers remarks and report card - this obviously doesn't work since in the majority of the report she is marked simply as "excellent" with no actual measurement of her abilities. I want to be thorough in the PLEP section because I know it sets the stage for the rest of the GIEP, but I obviously don't want her needlessly tested year after year - so what is a reasonable goal in this area? What types of assessments would be valid?

Aside from getting more specifics into the document, I have two real goals this year. The first is compacting. Does anyone have any experience with how curriculum compacting can be implemented in a public school classroom without the use of a computer curriculum? I often feel like in these meetings it is not enough for me to simply raise a concern, I also feel pressured to find the solution. I know compacting is something that would greatly benefit DD, but I am unsure of how it would be implemented without turning the whole school upside down - any suggestions would be great!
My second goal is subject acceleration - DD has been WAY ahead in reading for a long time now and the current offering just isn't cutting it - usually they pull her out 1x a week for special instruction, otherwise she gets small group instruction in the class and access to higher level books - this year I'd really like to see her pulled out on a more regular basis or leaving the grade level during reading to join a different class. Any thoughts on this?
Thanks again for all the help - I have a feeling I will be back again soon as DS starts Kindergarten in the fall and is every bit as bright as his sister (but way more trouble!).

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