Update: I am sooo sorry I haven't been responding - I dove head-long into preparing advocacy binders and now have a 3inch binder full of the state and district laws and a 2inch binder with advocacy articles and DD's tests and school communications. Whew!
Platypus - I had never even thought of just skipping the homework lol. Over the summer I usually pick out a workbook that is a few years above her and let her work on a few pages a day - there is no reason I shouldn't do something like that with her homework and I will certainly bring that up at our next meeting.
We have a parent-teacher (student) conference next week that should be fairly unproductive. It is mostly an opportunity for the kids to show off their "portfolio" and the teacher to justify themselves with no real time allotted to parent concerns.
Mid-April is the next big GIEP meeting. They called in both guidance counselors, the gifted teacher, the gifted program coordinator, the principal, and vice principal. I'm still polishing my materials in preparation for the ambush - oops I mean meeting.
The biggest outstanding question I still have is: what does appropriate testing for a PLEP look like? What tests? How are the scores interpreted into actionable items? How often are these tests done?
Right now I know DD has a woefully insufficient PLEP, but if I push for out-of-level testing this year - what about next year? Does she just keep taking these tests all the time? I fully expect the school to ask "what I want" at the next meeting and "further testing" doesn't seem like an acceptable answer, since the one time they conceded to further testing (back in K) it wasn't the right type, and no one implemented anything new after getting the results smh.
Thanks again for all the help - I'll try to check back a little more and update!