UPDATE: We had our meeting today and it went exactly as expected. The PLEP section was entirely composed of DD's report card, unit assessments, and an outdated DRA level. I told the team I would not be signing until we had a better grasp on her present levels.
I have seen all the talk on these boards before, but somehow I was still surprised by their response - I asked what would happen now and they said no one had ever not signed before, it was good enough for all those kids, they just don't understand what I want. I tried to explain it's not about what I want - heck I don't know what I want - I just know we can't make an informed decision without the proper information. It was so hard to stand my ground during that meeting and I've felt absolutely sick about it all. I know I'm on the right path, but I don't have any background in this kind of thing so it's very intimidating and I am constantly second guessing what I think I know.
It's not like I think DD is so crazy gifted that we need to so much more than the average gifted family - I just think I am the first person to ever question the standard. In fact, I am quite sure DD will test within 1-grade level on most subjects because she has never had access to the higher level materials (which is another whole conversation).
Aufilia - the accommodations you listed were exactly what I was hoping to achieve. It makes me feel better to read that I wasn't crazy for asking for it.
Does anyone have any experience with not signing the NORA and what happens now? I'm so nervous.
Thanks again for all the support - I would have never made it this far without this group!