And in response to the trampoline hitting when I asked why he did it he did say "she hit me first" but like others mentioned this could have been earlier in the day or obviously not intentional but interpreted as such by him....2 of the times were also during times that his teacher and I were trying to talk...the first time was not, however...but the second time she had just gotten done telling me how he had hit that child earlier on the trampoline but that he hadn't been allowed to jump all day...seemed to understand why this was inappropriate and was given a second chance. It's like maybe he heard us talking about it, the thought came into his head again and he couldn't push the impulse away to hit her again right then. He already has such trouble behaving when we talk to each other already...I don't know, there are multiple angles to look at this and I don't want to over analyze it.

His other excuse was that he was hungry. Sounds strange, yes...but I have noticed if his blood sugar is getting low he can start getting grumpy and lashing out so I have to make sure he has access to healthy snacks all day long