I am going to add a couple of points also that I forgot to mention...He has always been very quirky, at age 2 he went through several "tics" where he would talk out of the side of his mouth, open his mouth wide at times...those have stopped fortunately. He does still have some sensory issues. He used to not be able to be around loud noises without screaming and covering his ears to cancel out the sound. He went to OT for a while during age 3 and I need to get him back into it. The OT felt that he may have sensory processing disorder but nothing that can't be worked on...He has improved with the sounds, he will not freak out with the vacuum or public toilets flushing or blender anymore and actually enjoys vacuuming the house on his own. He has gone through several obsessions. However, he is never hyperfocused to where he won't want to talk about something else. He just goes through phases of intense interests. He is very inquisitive, asks questions constantly about every aspect of everything he could possibly ask a question about. Some days I feel like I am being interrogated and it is exhausting. But I know it's his thirst for knowledge and having to know the answers. His biggest obsession has been horses for about the past year. He loves everything about horses, reading books and learning about them...he prefers for me to read a horse encyclopedia or information type book to him instead of story books many nights...although he does enjoy stories and has a long attention span to listen to them fully. He has difficulty with transitions, often times still melts down when things don't go as planned...I have suspected Aspergers or something on the spectrum for some time. I had myself worried sick right about the time he turned 2 because I just knew in my heart that something was different about him. He has always been extremely intense...even as an infant, he was always wide eyed and observing everything. He was born this way, instead of crying he came out wide eyed and ready to look at everyone. It was weird! Now that I have a second child I can see just how different he was/is...she is smart too, but not on the same level of intensity.