We went to the new doctor yesterday and it went amazingly well! This doc spent well over an hour in the room the entire time with us, picking everything apart and trying to figure out what he feels needs to be done from here. During that time, my son trashed the room and threw toys around, knocked magazines off the counter etc to try to get our attention. He did try to engage in conversations with the doc, and did play with some toys occasionally but otherwise kept saying "this is tooo boring, let's go." He sat in my lap for a little while also as long as I kept rocking him...I printed out a lengthy description of what was going on so we didn't have to say too much in front of him.

The cool thing about this doc, who is a family practice doctor with special interest in children on the spectrum because he has a son who has aspergers and also happens to be gifted. I knew about his son having autism, I did not know about his son being gifted. Super cool! He told me that our son is exhibiting several different behaviors which are puzzling. He does show some aspergers like behaviors...the looping conversations always around to something HE wants to talk about...the repetitive nature of his discussions, perseveration on topics etc. He is very familiar with in his practice but also sees this in his own child. Also he said he shows some ADHD symptoms, but not all...ODD is on the radar but he feels that he is a happy go lucky friendly kind of kid that he does not think so, but wants to rule it out as well. He also feels that heavy metals may be in play here since we had a worsening of symptoms after vaccines at age 2...not opening that can of worms, but I truly believe something happened to him around this age when he began stuttering and wetting the bed after a month long vomiting/diarrhea episode...his behavior worsened from this point on. The doc is running a bunch of tests to check for candida overgrowth and heavy metals etc. which will be super interesting and helpful to find out.

He did however state that he would not be surprised if our son was gifted or highly gifted and that he is obviously very intelligent, that is for sure...he said with the right teacher in the future they are going to have a blast with him. That was cool to hear him say!

So we have a psych consult in the process of getting set up. They don't specifically test for giftedness just yet at this initial visit but they will be doing an informal interview to see what other professionals they need to pull in for the formal evaluation. I will be bringing up IQ testing and giftedness for sure. We at least will find out what other things we are dealing with...and if needed, I am sure this doctor won't mind sending us to someone who does specifically know how to test gifted children...He mentioned wanting IQ testing done as well. This is a starting point, just to get things rolling... Yay! I feel hopeful for some answers. Any advice on getting ready for the psych consult? It probably won't be until Feb. and they said it's a 3 step process...

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