Really? But he is just 4 years old. And JUST turned 4. I don't think he is the only kid who spits occasionally. They don't know it is a biohazard...That is a new thing also, he didn't used to do that. Back when he was 3 he did not do the spitting or hitting when he was at his old school...the kids still shunned him based on the fact that he got in trouble a lot in the classroom for not listening and following directions and they didn't want to be associated with him. Back then I do feel like he was bullied and now he retaliates on others because he wasn't allowed to play with the other kids. He is with different kids now (we moved out of state). But I do think that early social shunning has affected him and he has now become more of a bully physically at times. It's so random though, it only happens sometimes. He is capable of having good interactions with kids also.

What would you do about those red flag antisocial type behaviors then? They aren't so pervasive that I can't take him anywhere...usually he does great out in public as long as he is engaged in something interesting. It's only when he is in close quarters with other children like in a play date setting especially if they are younger than him...I am concerned but it doesn't make me want to jump and get a negative diagnosis just yet because there may be other reasons for these behaviors