Thank you so much cammom and HowlerKarma! That is very helpful son sounds so much like yours Cammom!

He is highly impulsive, but only in particular situations...he is totally capable of focusing on a task for hours on end, following rules and being obedient...especially at school with his homeschool/unschooling teacher who gives him tons of freedoms. She told me she knows he doesn't have ADHD, although most people would think so due to the excess energy. He would easily be diagnosed with ADHD and ODD if tested now, I just know it. His challenge of authority is unreal right now. Moreso than is age appropriate. That is good to know that those things can improve as they get older!! The odd thing is how he is capable of controlling himself at times, but other times loses control. You never know what you are going to get...the tantrums have gotten slightly better, not as long as they were at age 2-3. The loudness of his voice is what gets me constantly...did anybody deal with this? I swear he is the loudest person on the planet, lol. He likes to be loud just for the sake of being loud. Sometimes singing at the top of his lungs, sometimes just talking loud. Not sure if this is sensory or what. I told him he needs to get on stage and he does gravitate towards music.

So do you guys recommend getting an IQ test though? Not necessarily a diagnosis but just to know that he may indeed be gifted and to structure his education accordingly. I definitely don't want him labled with something like ODD or ADHD....I am thankful to have him in the program that I do, and he can continue to go to her for one more year after this, but after that he will be kindergarten age and I'm not sure if she is allowed to homeschool him or not. She homeschooled all of her children and her 10 year old twins are likely gifted also and doing 8th grade math so she knows what she is doing. I feel like she is the best person to help us educate him. Any resources I can pass along to her?