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An instance recently...there is a trampoline with a net at his school...which is AMAZING for his energy. He randomly out of nowhere hit a 1 year old little girl in the face. For no apparent reason. He wasn't allowed to jump the rest of the day. The next day he goes on the trampoline and does it again! Same thing...you talk to him, explain why that is not ok. He apologizes, says "I'm sorry, I won't do it again...sorry to the other child, hugs her, acts ok..." Then he did it one more time! Do these kids sometimes have a hard time learning from their mistakes socially?

Sometimes parents unknowingly are encouraging repetitive bad behavior, because they're rewarding it in some subtle way.

So, let's say your DS is jumping, having a good time, wants Mommy to look, Mommy is distracted by something, how do I get her attention? [PUNCH] Attention received, behavior rewarded.