And thank you Cammom for your response also! That is good to know that things improved after 5.5....we are definitely going through a tough age right now!! He wants so much responsibility and doesn't understand that he is only 4 years old. A lot of the daily frustrations that he has are due to his age and inability to do what he wants to do...

The difficulty in receptive/expressive language delays is interesting to think about with my son also. That may be another possibility. Obviously we may have to wait, as you did to get a diagnosis but it does appear as if his auditory processing is slightly different than ours...He loves me to turn the radio up to almost deafening levels yet doesn't like loud noises at times...he seems to hear you say something but it doesn't seem to process. What are some of the qualities associated with these processing disorders?

I will try to get "the social skills handbook" that might help him realize the best ways to interact with others...Just tonight he asked me politely. "mommy, after daddy is done watching football and after I finish eating my dinner, would you allow me to watch just one show before I get ready for bed?
I told him yes and thank you for asking so politely and that is the right way to ask for something beacause people are more likely to say yes. This is much improved from "please please please can I watch something!!??" and then melting down if I say no. He then said "I know, that is the right way to ask other people for things."
This shows me that he is paying attention and he is wanting to socially do the right thing.

His recent thing is he loves board games...but not kid board games for his age, he likes games like Life, Monopoly etc. He will play those games with an adult or one of the big kids at school and he has fun and takes turns/follows the rules etc. I think board games are a good outlet for him. Things like that make me think he must be gifted if these games challenges his intellect more than the games designed for kids his age.