This is fabulous, now we can begin to see the strong positive traits and qualities which you are familiar with in your DS.

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rubberized or mat type flooring to make it more cushioned for falls
There are square-foot foam pieces which interlock like a jigsaw puzzle, making a mat which is lightweight and easy to move or reconfigure.

I need to get a bike of my own and put the baby in the bike trailer and go riding with him on some trails... He needs to take him fishing sometime, my son expresses interest in this.
You may wish to make a family wish-list and refer to this often, both as planning/goals to look forward to, and as potential reward activities.

trust my motherly intuition
Yes! I think you may have found your answer, at least I believe that mentioning your son's athleticism and skill in swimming, bike riding, headstands, helping invent obstacle courses, his interest in gymnastics, fishing, etc need to be prominently mentioned in any meetings or intake forms with doctors, IQ testers, professionals. It seems he needs to be mentally occupied and also physically occupied. LOL, if he acts up, rather than a time-out it may be time for a jumping-jacks break... He can count them and tell you how many he needed as his Rx at the moment.