aquinas - I totally get you on the 1 year old shouldn't be on the trampoline but she is almost 2 and a very big almost 2 year old also. My 1 year old doesn't set foot on it because she isn't stable enough and shows no interest, but for some reason that other little girl is crazy coordinated and tries to keep up with the big ones so she lets her on there with supervision of course and a net all around

His class being a home school program has only 7 kids ranging in age from 1-10. 4 of those kids being her own. Just in case anyone was wondering why he is around such young kids while at school. The twin 10 year olds are great role models for him though as they are gifted themselves but are very socially grounded well rounded boys. He enjoys working with them and I think they have much to teach him...She said they weren't always that way and he reminds her very much of how her boys were at his that gives me some hope also