Good point, I do believe that maybe I talk too much about him while in earshot. He may be a few feet away fiddling with something and appearing not to be paying attention, but I bet he is listening to every detail. It's tough because sometimes we do need to talk about things. I will try just reserving those conversations for phone or text/email. We like to bounce ideas off of each other but I know that may be counter productive. Lots of times it is positive things, like "he totally figured out how to read today!" and doting over his achievements...which maybe he doesn't like either. I don't get many opportunities to talk to her when he isn't around because we also have become friends and do things outside of school with all of the kids as a group too. So he is always with me when I am with her. We may need to set up some times to meet and discuss him in depth. Maybe he has heard us talk about him some before so he starts yelling to prevent any more talking? He did tell me once "don't talk about me with Mrs.J" so I know he is sensitive to this...I will make a conscious effort

On that note, how do you go about having doctor's appointments when behavior and such needs to be discussed? I bet that is what he didn't like about the last appointment and why he started acting so out of control...I would like to have a chance to talk to this doctor one on one without him present, but they of course are going to want to see him also...what have ya'll done? I don't want him to think he has a problem.