It's...hmmm...well, it's awesome. It's another Gamewright card game, very whimsical, with a LOT of rules, but not actually hard to play (you can easily consult the rule pamphlet if befuddled). You have these creatures called Gubs that you're trying to free or protect, and cataclysmic events happen. There's a lot of luck, but also strategy, although you can get nailed at the last minute a little too much for my tastes. We played the hell out of it for a few weeks and are now a bit fried on it, but really, it was out of control how much we played. DS picked it up with no trouble at all. I think it says 10 and up but that seems much too high--I think 7 and up is about right (for typical kids--I feel like bright first graders would get it, and definitely 2nd graders), but it could easily be enjoyed by up to about age 11 or 12, I think.

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