I like the indoor activities ideas. I have been making obstacle courses for him in the garage to do, crawl under these folding chairs as a tunnel...hopscotch, jumping over hurdles, balance board etc. Being a PT I am lucky in that respect since I do that stuff for work. And he LOVES this. I run him through the obstacles and he always is thinking of new ones to invent. This is a positive thing for sure. I plan on getting some rubberized or mat type flooring to make it more cushioned for falls. If there was a small trampoline with a net that would be helpful...A sensory swing would be cool too, but that might be tough to set up.
He figured out how to do a headstand against the wall with some help the other day, and loved it. He said he wants to do gymanstics, so I am going to try to sign him up for a class that will work in our schedule. He can already swim independently...we did ISR rescue swim classes since he was an infant actually and he is now confident and starting to love the water since he doesn't need any flotation devices. This was a great outlet in the summer...he swam every day with us in our pool complex. He keeps asking if he can swim somewhere. I need to find somewhere indoors.
He also can ride a 2 wheeled bike now without training wheels. He just figured this out a couple of weeks ago. He had a balance bike before this so it was an easy transition. We used to take him around all over town with his balance bike and he listens very well to directions while on his bike, because it keeps his body active. He has always been cautious of safety rules, stopping to look both ways, staying close to us etc. On a bike he is a different kid. I need to get a bike of my own and put the baby in the bike trailer and go riding with him on some trails. He would love this...

My husband actually is quite involved with his daily care, he helps me get him to bed every night when he is in town while I get baby girl to bed...he also takes him running errands sometimes also and tries to do things with him. He needs to take him fishing sometime, my son expresses interest in this. DS is often more well behaved for my husband but can have his moments with him also. My husband is definitely aware of the problems, I just think he sees it as a weakness on our part in some way with him being our firstborn. I keep reassuring him we are doing all we can. He is intrigued about the possibility of him being gifted and wants to find out more about how we can stimulate him and challenge him properly. The good thing is my husband has learned to trust my motherly intuition over the years and he trusts me to know what is going on. I just don't think he will fully be convinced until there is a diagnosis.